From Highway 101 North take exit 399B Old Middlefield Way. At Rengstorff Ave intersection it is on the left hand side.

From Highway 101 South take exit 400A Rengstorff Avenue. Keep left after the exit. At Old Middlefield Way intersection it is on the right hand side. 


2105 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: (650) 965-7236 

Ruben Ruiz: 650-417-1890   
Armando Ruiz: 650-207-6932 


Sunday 7:30AM–10PM
Monday 7:30AM–10PM
Tuesday 7:30AM–10PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–10PM
Thursday 7:30AM–10PM
Friday 7:30AM–10PM
Saturday 7:30AM–10PM

Los Altos Taqueria at 2105 Old MiddleField Way, in Mountain View California.
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