Worker(s) are sent to the location for 2 hours and cook on the spot. Includes 4 choices of meat for tacos, rice, beans, chips, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & toppings for tacos (cilantro, onion, spicy sauce). Minimum of 50 people. Taquizas for local areas only. *Please schedule ahead of time*


Freely choose food items from our menu. Minimum of 25 people. Call for more information and delivery fee. Deliveries for local areas only. *Please order ahead of time* (No last minute deliveries).


Freely choose food items form our menu and we will have it ready to be picked up at the appointed time. No minimum. *Please order ahead of time*

Taco Bar:

Self serve/Buffet style setup, Includes 3 choices of meat, tortillas, limes, taco toppings (cilantro, onion, spicy sauce) rice, beans, chips and salsa. 

*For delivery the same requirements stated above apply.
*Please order ahead of time.